The cost of delivery is at your own expense.

MARVEL SLIVEN” Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices in relation to the daily exchange rate of the currency.


Once we receive your request, delivery time. Is 15-20 working days and wе ship In 5 working day after clear payment. For products that are out of stock we will contact you to let you know when we will be able to ship it.

Please open the packet in front the courier, If you find any damages, let the courier and us know. Customer pay the transportation services for a refused merchandise.

Ways of payment:

MARVEL SLIVEN” Ltd. Is using Stripe

In electronic payment with a debit or credit cart the customer deposit amount of money equal to the value of the order and after the transaction is confirmed, the ordered item and services are delivered. The order number must be included in the reason for payment. All fees and commissions are paid by the person who orders.

In cases of online or bank transfer payments, “MARVEL SLIVEN” Ltd.. is not responsible for any costs associated with fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the Consumer in relation to the transaction, and in cases of currency exchange, the conditions of which are applied by the bank. All costs associated with payments of such nature are the sole responsibility of the Consumer.

PAYMENT DEADLINE The deadline for order payments requires 7 days advanced payment from the date of the order generating in the website. If this period has passed and the payment is not done, the order is considered cancelled.


The personal information you send us falls under the Personal Data Protection Act.

The information you submit is NOT PROVIDED to third parties.


Under Consumer Protection Law and Trading Rules, the consumer is entitled to a claim under:

    • Deficiencies identified;
    • Product defects;
    • Non-compliance with the product information.

The claim is made within 14 working days after the purchase of the goods.

When making a claim, the consumer may claim:

    • Refund of the amount paid after returning the goods in the condition they were received.
    • Replace the goods with a new one, after returning the goods as they were received.
    • Discount on the price;

At each stage of the ordering you have the right to cancel the order. Before it being shiped.

In the event that there is any change in the content, value, terms and delivery terms of an order, you will be informed by telephone or letter and the order will not be sent unless we receive your personal consent with the changes Conditions.